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For classes of 1-9 Participants


If you’re vacationing in or around the city of Oaxaca, why not sample a bit of authentic Mexican life by taking a cooking class with us. The day starts off with everyone meeting at La Casa de Mis Recuerdos B&B just before 10 am. After introductions and a brief overview of the day ahead, you will be transported to the local market by either taxi or van where you will learn about the ingredients that will used in the dishes to be made that day. You will also be given time to purchase items for yourself to bring home if you want to reproduce the menu. A short walk from the market will bring you to Alma de mi Tierra, where you will start your hands-on cooking class. The class lasts approximately 4-5 hours and usually includes several menu items that explore the complex flavors of Oaxacan cuisine. You will also snack on botanas (appetizers) as you sample a local mezcal. Classes end with participants enjoying the dishes they have made in a multi-course meal served by Nora and her assistants Rufina and Ali. The table is set with plates either from Oaxaca or Puebla, hand-made glass ware from Puebla and starched cloth napkins.

Each class will focus on authentic or new recipes based on the cuisine typical of Oaxaca and feature recipes for a selection of regional tamales, moles, soups, appetizers and salsas. 

Our classes are designed to teach authentic recipes of Oaxaca and Mexico using traditional ingredients. Please contact us if you have at least four in your group who would like a private vegetarian class. We have altered many of our recipes to accommodate vegetarians, and we would be pleased to share them with you. Due to the modifications needed, the price for a vegetarian class is 80 USD per person. We offer either normal or vegetarian classes as well as classes taught in English or in Spanish, but not both languages at the same time.

For classes of 10 - 20 Participants please inquire here


Classes not offered on Sundays


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The price is 75 USD per person for classes of 4-9 students. For a class of 3 the price is 95 USD per person. Please Contact us for a private class. For those spouses or other family members who wish to arrive for the serving and just partake of the meal only the price is 25 USD per person.

Private classes are not offered during High Season.

Young adults who would desire to take part as an active participant in the class that are 15 years or over are welcome. The class will then be a private class  with close family members only. This will be a regular adult cooking class at $75 USD per person. Minimum for a closed family class is 5 person at 75 USD per person. For a smaller family cooking class please contact us. 

To reserve any type of class we need a Visa or M/C to which we will charge 50% of the class for your party. Once the charge goes through we will send you a confirmation email that you should print out and bring with you on class day. Balance will be paid on class day. We also accept Paypal. If you cancel within 24 hrs the deposit is non-refundable as it is for a no-show. If Alma de mi Tierra cancels the class for any reason at any time then your monies will be refunded in full. 

We take our classes seriously and in doing so requires sufficient time to correctly prep for your class especially if dietary restrictions are involved. Your class will be given in our private kitchen so dress appropriately; shoes and shirts are a must, and no pets smoking is allowed. Any alcoholic beverage brought in from the outside must be first approved when reserving.

Please let us know of any food allergies when reserving. Menu will not be changed on class day and we are not responsible for any food allergies not revealed. 

Classes are taught in either English or Spanish, not both.

"Full Stomach, Happy Heart"