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Nora being interviewed in the fish market  by Channel 28 of

Chihuahua as part of a LIve cooking class presentation

Nora interviewed along with Jacobo Angeles by Café CNN in Atlanta.

Photo of Nora preparing Mole Negro as part of a chocolate tour in the kitchen of fellow cooking instructor Reyna Mendoza.

This photo is from the 2016 Special Edition of National Geographic's 100 Places That Will Change Your Life.

Rick Stein.jpg

Cooking with Rick Stein

Julie-Andrieu web.jpg

Cooking with Julie Andrieu

Stefan-Gates-2011-BBC web-.jpg

Cooking with Stefen Gates

Rachel Hunter.jpg

Cooking with Rachel Hunter


February 2019, Nora is being filmed for a national Japanese travel television program


On October 6th of 2010 Nora was honored to be broadcasted live via a web-link to Tokyo Japan in conjunction with EARTH LUNCH HOUR. 


Apart from the above Nora has been also filmed by:

  • BBC4, 2010 with "Stefan Gates", FEAST series, Verity Oswin Fixer

  • France TV5, Cooking with Julie Andrieu

  • The Food Network

  • Featured on a DVD entitled "FLAVOURS OF MEXICO" Episode 7, with Charlie Ottley in association with the Travel Channel

  • Japan TV4


Cocina with Nora - Oaxaca Cooking School

by Alvin Starkman
Attending a cooking class with Nora Valencia, in her Oaxaca home, combines a lesson in Mexican culinary skills with gaining an understanding of the historical and regional importance of the use of many unique ingredients and resulting recipes. The market visit, Nora’s hands-on approach, energy level and sincerity, and the exceptional multi-course meal, all make learning about Oaxacan gastronomy a worthy component of any Mexican vacation.
If you absorb only a minute fraction of what Nora’s grandmother taught her about Oaxacan cookery over the course of about four decades, you’ll leave with not only a fount of knowledge about ingredients and techniques, but also a profound understanding of the history and geographical variation of all that’s Oaxacan cuisine today … and of course completely satisfied by the end of your gourmet meal.

To read the entire article please go here.

*Video courtesy of Steve Smith

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