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Gastronomical, Mezcal, Textile, Artisan and Day of the Dead Tours


As a native Oaxaquena and a licensed Federal guide, Nora takes pride in guiding individuals and groups on excursions in and around Oaxaca. Seeing the city and surrounding towns with an experienced, knowledgeable and sophisticated guide can elevate your visit from pleasant to truly memorable. 

Nora has been guiding for over fifteen years. Her tours are custom in nature and can be designed to be one-on-one or for groups up to 30, on topics ranging from the history of Oaxaca and the work of local artisans, to the production of mezcal and all things gastronomic, depending on the interests of the group. A late model air-conditioned van will be provided for groups larger than three people going outside of the city.

Options range from short walking tours of downtown that will provide context for your understanding of the city, to day-long excursions exploring the market towns and craft villages in the surrounding area. The cultural riches of Oaxaca are everywhere.  Just select a route that interests you and let Nora take care of the rest!

  • Walking Tours

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Roasted fresh picked corn
Mezcal aging room
Hand-picked flowers

Mezcal aging room

Hand-picked flowers for the family altar

Roasted fresh picked corn

Market Tours
We can take you to several interesting markets within the city, or we can visit the markets in nearby towns and villages on their special market days, when both vendors and shoppers abound. Each market has its own character, crafts and produce for which it is known.
Noteable markets within the city
Benito Juarez 
20 de Noviembre
La Merced
Mercado des Artesanias
Markets by the day
Monday: Ixtlan de Juarez
Tuesday: Atzompa
Wednesday: Etla
Thursday: Zaachila
Friday: Ocotlan
Saturday: Oaxaca (city)
Sunday: Tlacolula
Mezcal Tours


Traveling on the route of the "Caminos del Mezcal", Nora will lead you to the capital of mezcal, Santiago Matatlan, where you can learn about the traditional process to produce this fabulous spirit, and sample and compare the various varieties. During the tour you will also have the opportunity to taste the typical food of the region, and try some pulque if you dare!

One or Two Day Textile Tour


Oaxaca has one of the richest traditions in textile art of all the Mexican states. On this tour you will learn about the variety of weaving techniques and traditions as well as the stories that are hidden inside the textiles, and be introduced those who are in the process of rescuing and preserving this important part of Oaxaca’s cultural heritage

This is a one or two-day tour that takes you to the Spanish loom weavers, the backstrap loom weavers and to those who sew by hand.  Your tour will conclude with a presentation on traditional and new textile designs being used by contemporary Oaxacan weavers and artisans.  


Please contact us for specific details, scheduling and pricing. This tour can also be customized to fit your needs.

Artisan Tours


Oaxaca is famous for its traditional indigenous cultures and the folk art born of them. Our tours are an excellent introduction to the artisans of the Central Valleys, from potters and blacksmiths, to weavers and basket makers. We'll take you into Oaxaca's three distinct districts; Etla, Ocotlan and Tlacolula, as well as neighborhoods in the colonial city itself.  We will explore villages, visit artisans’ workshops and get a taste of the diversity of arts that thrive throughout Oaxaca. We'll meet both recognized masters like Jacobo Angeles and the Aguilar sisters, as well as less known craftsmen who create fine baskets, delicate angels from sheets of tin, or nativity scenes from re-cycled trash.

Ocotlan Market
Natural dyed wool
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