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Traditional Cooking Classes 
Guided Tours

Flor de Calabaza

Over 90% of what we use in our cookery classes comes from our local market. Much of what we’re able to get there is locally grown and brought to market fresh daily. For example, the natural cream is very similar to crème fraiche, the corn masa for tamales or tortillas is prepared the night before at home then ground early in the morning and brought to market, and the garden-fresh vegetable and herbs are also locally grown. The selection of meats and poultry is vast and also of high quality.

I’m happy to say that thanks to these classes I have been patronizing these vendors and local indigenous women selling their foodstuffs for over 20 years.

Cooking Classes

For those who would like to learn the secrets of traditional Oaxaca cooking the culinary classes of Nora should not be missed.

The cooking classes provide a fun, social, hands-on experience. Along with your step-by-step instructions during the class you will be introduced to a few anecdotes as well as a history lesson depending on the menu. We hope when you depart that you will take with you fond memories and your  recipes that will help you recreate the tastes of  Oaxaca at any time, for yourself, family, and friends.

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"From the Market to the Dinner Table".

Our Traditional Chef

Nora Valencia

alma de mi tierra Flor de Calabaza
alma de mi tierra Nora Cooking

Nora is a graduate of UMAR (La Universidad del Mar) where she earned her federal tour guide license with the thesis topic "Textiles of Oaxaca” and has been guiding and cooking for over 25 years using time-honored recipes and little-known secrets passed down by her late grandmother Ofelia.

Nora Valencia has joyfully opened her kitchen and her heart to share her love for the regional dishes of Oaxaca and the culture of her homeland. For almost 20 years of being your host and teacher, Nora skillfully guides you through each step of the way whether your a novice of a pro.  There's always something new  to learn.

alma de mi tierra Market Tour with Nora
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The Experience

Customized Guided Tours

Guided tours are custom, with topics such as Textiles, the history of  Oaxaca,  Artisans, Mezcal, and Gastronomy.

Traditional Cooking Classes

Our classes are designed with a preparation process for every skill level.


Learn about our Day of the Dead activities.

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Trip Advisor - Alma de mi Tierra


Tripadvisor Traveller's Choice

A wonderful cooking class and market tour. Nora is a first-class professional whether teaching cooking or leading a tour. 

Trip Advisor - Alma de mi Tierra


Tripadvisor Excellence

Nora's cooking class is outstanding. Everything from the market visit to prep to cooking to mezcal tasting to eating is fantastic. Nora brings in-depth knowledge of Oaxacan products and cooking and history to a new level.

Oaxaca Bed and Breakfast

Oaxaca Bed&Breakfast Association

We stayed at Aldama 205 for an enchanted month. Its striking exterior is matched by the grace of the interior courtyard garden and roof garden where we watch the mountains and and wait for hummingbird visits.


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From the market to your Table

"From The Market To Your Table"

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